Sunday, March 31, 2013

Last weeks DBA 3.0 game

For a break we did a DBA 3.0 game, with our Bronze age 15's. Was New Kingdom Egyptian's vs the Mitanni.

I wound up defending and the match up of troops went bad.
I went ahead n had a go at the bow, but that went as expected.

 Trying to relocate the blades away from the heavy chariots went too slow to save them.
So got skunked, some of the changes that really stood out is the faster mounted units. Now you measure in base widths rather than inches and on the same sized 24" by 24" board.
A game with a Light Cavalry army will be interesting as that troop type can now get rear support. The army lists are not out yet, so we just figured the troops as solit vs fast by how we have our figures based. When the lists come out well have it properly defined.

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  1. Looks like an interesting game. I am starting back up with DBA 3 also, as it seems to be getting close to publication (crosses fingers). I think it will play a lot differently and require new tactics. In the end, however, if Barker and the helpers do not fix the geometric tricks (kinked lines, etc.), I will abandon the rules.