Saturday, March 9, 2013

Greeks v Persians with Song of Spear and Shield

These are some photos of the Feb. 24th game. We did a big 1800 point game.
The Persians had a lot of mounted but lightly armed. The Greeks sporting the Pike block.
Greeks taking the first move.
Persians take first blood,
The cavalry advance on the flanks, light horse with bow on one flank and horse with spear and javelin on the other. With a bloody melee stating between the cavalry and light infantry.
the pike slams into the Spara Bara men, and the light horse are commin round the mountain counting on rear shots on the Pike block.
The Persian Cavalry finally finishing off the Greek skirmishers charges into the side of the pike block.

A close up of the melee. This grind continued until the Persians broke due to the losses taken so far and the steady loss of the Spara Bara added up to a break. Game was set up n played in 2 hours. Yes the Persians arnt done but just had to try out a big game. And the 1800 points was not that much more to handle that a 900 point game.

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  1. Looks really interesting. I may end up getting those rules when the are finally published.