Sunday, September 1, 2013

First game of Longstreet

We got our copies and cards in the mail this week so a game of Longstreet was had. Did a campaign scenario. The rules offer a campaign game consisting of a series of games over which your force develops. The Confederates have a advantage in the cards in the beginning but that advantage switched over to the Union as the campaign progresses.
This game the Union was on the attack vs. the Confederates defending a couple of hills.

Jessies Rebs were a mix of Old Glory and Blue Moon
Collins Union troops are all Old Glory I think.
So the Feds made a move on to the Reb Right. The Rebs moved the Artillery and Reserve to meet this threat. The two Cavalry units ran off to have a little fight of their own on the hill on the Reb left.
After several valiant attempts, the Union forces broke trying to take the hills.
We are looking forward to next weekends game. A doubles game sounds interesting...