Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Catching up

Well got two photos of my 600 point 'Medieval French' in FOG (Field of Glory). Ran it up agenst Colins 100 yrs war English two weeks ago. He had a rough time of it, the two knight blocks George and I had ran right over him. Was tough for him to get the hitts he needed. After the game I handed him a box of round toothpicks that were on my hobby table. He needs to make those stakes!

So next weekend Colin was out at his brothers wedding. Was a pickup game using the 2-hour wargamers Chainreaction 3.0. Was fun enough. Some 20 anonymous insurrection types in a town up against 12 military types assaulting. Well I didnt do so good with the military vs George and Jay running the nasty insurectionists. But fun tim ewas had by all.
Dosnt look like Ill get in any games this weekend. But do hop to get a game in the next weekend of Sam Mustafas, La Salle! They look fun and Im painting up loke a mad man to be ready for a game. Look for the picts of the new figures.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Roman Cav

vs Goth Cav
<--The line of Legions

A close up of the of the Imperial Guard

<--- Colins Goths
a over view of the battle

Sunday Game

I finished the Late Roman army I got from Old Glory. I do have to get a respectable camp tho, Ill get to ordering that soon. But the army is done and had its first game tonight at pulled out a win vs Colins Goths. We did a 600 point game and that took us 4 hours. Im looking foward to the next matchup.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

getting it started

The first post, this will be a little distraction for me as I feature some photos of all the projects I start, and maybe finish (just maybe). Have a look around