Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Bronze Age WAB Siege game

So we dusted off and set up our old 28mm bronze age miniatures based for Warhammer Ancients Battles. My New Kingdom Egyptians vs Colin's Hittites. We used the Siege supplement with my scratch built wall sections.
 Mmmmmm Beeer...

The game went well. Some confusion as to work out the on going melee's on the wall. But a good game to try out the scenario for the commin' convention here in San Diego,
Kingdom Con
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Did learn a thing r two. With all the miniatures on the Styrofoam Spackle n paint walls they were constantly at risk of falling over and required a distracting amount of attention. We think that a nice set of stairs attached to the interior side of the walls will help with that and fit nicely in with how the WAB siege rules work
So that and MORE LADDERS.

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