Sunday, April 7, 2013

Yesterdays Game of WAB Siege at Kingdom Con.

Yesterday we put on a bronze age siege game using Warhammer Ancients Battles at Kingdom Con. It was New Kingdom Egyptians vs Hittites and Sea people defending. I scratch built the towers n walls using Styrofoam generously donated after another member of our game group got a new couch.
   We set up the Rapid assault scenario, six turns to cross 18 inches and get two formed units in the wall...
2261 points of Egyptians vs half that number of points in Hittites n allies.
The advancing under fire took its toll,

The Libyan light infantry were first to break,
Next turn the formed units made the assault on the wall,
the assault on the wall to the right of the gate started gaining the wall,
The assault of the other wall section was getting no where,
The leader of the unit makign it onto the wall charged into the tower to face off with the vassle king, he lost...
the six turns were over but the Egyptians did manage to get the front rank of two units up on the wall. There were more Hittite formed units inside the walls but getting the front ranks up is good enough for me!

We started it again, this time we gave the Egyptians a log ram (yes the pencil!) and the Hittite went shopping to add 5 points of goodies onto his general.

Well the log ram did not help, in the first game the two handed axemen did more damage to the door than the pencil ram...
Also the assault never managed to occupy the wall. The rapid assault scenario is a tough one!
Ere is a shot of the opponents and a view of the con, in back to the right is the 40K and fantasy battle tourney (all painted awesome looking figures). To the rear left the the Warmachine tourney (hardly anything painted).

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