Saturday, July 13, 2013

Some photos of our games today of Sam Mustafas latest offering Longstreet lite available for download. We had three separate games going. The grasp of the rules was sketchy. The center game did more of a Turtledove Guns of the South scenario (they didn't understand the reducing hitts with the cards, thought it was a special card) that game ended fast. The other two went a bit better, but learning to use the deck became very apparent. Both of the other pairs of players observed that they needed to use the cards a lot more.Too much hoarding nifty cards to do something cewl but loosing troops in the mean time.
Note the La Salle hills on top of the cabinet.
All the games ended in a hour n a half, so we started a second doubles game.
This time the Union side had some help from an adviser on how to handle rebel scum! 
We are all looking forward to next weekend for another crack at Longstreet next weekend.