Sunday, September 1, 2013

First game of Longstreet

We got our copies and cards in the mail this week so a game of Longstreet was had. Did a campaign scenario. The rules offer a campaign game consisting of a series of games over which your force develops. The Confederates have a advantage in the cards in the beginning but that advantage switched over to the Union as the campaign progresses.
This game the Union was on the attack vs. the Confederates defending a couple of hills.

Jessies Rebs were a mix of Old Glory and Blue Moon
Collins Union troops are all Old Glory I think.
So the Feds made a move on to the Reb Right. The Rebs moved the Artillery and Reserve to meet this threat. The two Cavalry units ran off to have a little fight of their own on the hill on the Reb left.
After several valiant attempts, the Union forces broke trying to take the hills.
We are looking forward to next weekends game. A doubles game sounds interesting...

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Some photos of our games today of Sam Mustafas latest offering Longstreet lite available for download. We had three separate games going. The grasp of the rules was sketchy. The center game did more of a Turtledove Guns of the South scenario (they didn't understand the reducing hitts with the cards, thought it was a special card) that game ended fast. The other two went a bit better, but learning to use the deck became very apparent. Both of the other pairs of players observed that they needed to use the cards a lot more.Too much hoarding nifty cards to do something cewl but loosing troops in the mean time.
Note the La Salle hills on top of the cabinet.
All the games ended in a hour n a half, so we started a second doubles game.
This time the Union side had some help from an adviser on how to handle rebel scum! 
We are all looking forward to next weekend for another crack at Longstreet next weekend.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Brother Against Brother game from LONG ago!

Look what I found in the wayback machine...
These are 28mm ACW miniatures painted by Gary Richard. We did a big old Brother Against Brother game.

yours truly shuffling the game cards...
Oh and the game was played at Game Empire, before the remodel, way before...

Sunday, April 28, 2013

A triples game of Maurice!
We used the doubles rules but this game had three decks, we went through the first deck and added the re-shuffle card and got over half way through  the second deck before the game ended. But I'm getting ahead o my self. So the the picture above you see turn one. The three 100 point forces on the left and our side attacking on the right. My little Prussian army is in the foreground on the right, I started of with some ineffective cannon fire. You can see my two allies advancing in the center n our far right.
I keep at the cannon fire hoping for a break, as my allies press forward.
At least cannon fire can do something, just not mine, Randy gets two disorder hit's on my guard cav.
So while Randy n I engage in a staring contest the center and far right are fully engaged.
And I cant even rally off two disruptions!
As the melee rages on in the center I beging to move in my guard cavalry,
your card please...
more cavalry units form up, even the one with the disruptions,
a lull in the fighting,
lost that cavalry unit to cannon fire, the remaining units charge in,
it doesn't go so well...
I loose another cavalry uni, oh and the opponents artillery get more disruptions on the reserve hussars,

I tried the artillery, then the cavalry, now its for the infantry,
on they march, oh yea and its a screaming general melee still in the center sucking in units from both sides.
trudge, trudge, trudge,
Hey watch that finger!

disruptions accumulating!
The Prussian guard unit of Grenadiers make it over the wall!
the moral points for both sides are ticking down pretty fast now, but much faster for the attackers.
by this turn the attackers had lost all their army moral points. If I remember right we had them down to just six or nine moral points. A big game, everyone arrived at 5:30, and the game finished close to midnight. Not our usual geriatric pace.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Yesterdays Game of WAB Siege at Kingdom Con.

Yesterday we put on a bronze age siege game using Warhammer Ancients Battles at Kingdom Con. It was New Kingdom Egyptians vs Hittites and Sea people defending. I scratch built the towers n walls using Styrofoam generously donated after another member of our game group got a new couch.
   We set up the Rapid assault scenario, six turns to cross 18 inches and get two formed units in the wall...
2261 points of Egyptians vs half that number of points in Hittites n allies.
The advancing under fire took its toll,

The Libyan light infantry were first to break,
Next turn the formed units made the assault on the wall,
the assault on the wall to the right of the gate started gaining the wall,
The assault of the other wall section was getting no where,
The leader of the unit makign it onto the wall charged into the tower to face off with the vassle king, he lost...
the six turns were over but the Egyptians did manage to get the front rank of two units up on the wall. There were more Hittite formed units inside the walls but getting the front ranks up is good enough for me!

We started it again, this time we gave the Egyptians a log ram (yes the pencil!) and the Hittite went shopping to add 5 points of goodies onto his general.

Well the log ram did not help, in the first game the two handed axemen did more damage to the door than the pencil ram...
Also the assault never managed to occupy the wall. The rapid assault scenario is a tough one!
Ere is a shot of the opponents and a view of the con, in back to the right is the 40K and fantasy battle tourney (all painted awesome looking figures). To the rear left the the Warmachine tourney (hardly anything painted).