Sunday, March 31, 2013

Last weeks DBA 3.0 game

For a break we did a DBA 3.0 game, with our Bronze age 15's. Was New Kingdom Egyptian's vs the Mitanni.

I wound up defending and the match up of troops went bad.
I went ahead n had a go at the bow, but that went as expected.

 Trying to relocate the blades away from the heavy chariots went too slow to save them.
So got skunked, some of the changes that really stood out is the faster mounted units. Now you measure in base widths rather than inches and on the same sized 24" by 24" board.
A game with a Light Cavalry army will be interesting as that troop type can now get rear support. The army lists are not out yet, so we just figured the troops as solit vs fast by how we have our figures based. When the lists come out well have it properly defined.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A couple of more Song of Spear and Shield

We did another game of Persians vs Greeks. God some hits on the Greek Hoplites  but the armor for them still carried the day. Tried to get the massed bow shooting on the Hoplite block but that takes more turns than it takes the Hoplites to cross the table.

The next week as it was Saint Patricks Day we did a dark age skirmish.

Shield wall was a new rule to us, we had to keep reminding each other about its armor effect and keep in mind when a unit is broken up or reduced to below four figs. But still a good game and a thousand points easily handled in a couple of hours.

A Bronze Age WAB Siege game

So we dusted off and set up our old 28mm bronze age miniatures based for Warhammer Ancients Battles. My New Kingdom Egyptians vs Colin's Hittites. We used the Siege supplement with my scratch built wall sections.
 Mmmmmm Beeer...

The game went well. Some confusion as to work out the on going melee's on the wall. But a good game to try out the scenario for the commin' convention here in San Diego,
Kingdom Con
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Did learn a thing r two. With all the miniatures on the Styrofoam Spackle n paint walls they were constantly at risk of falling over and required a distracting amount of attention. We think that a nice set of stairs attached to the interior side of the walls will help with that and fit nicely in with how the WAB siege rules work
So that and MORE LADDERS.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Last Saturdays game of Field of Glory

Just a set up shot of a game of Field of Glory. Dominate Romans two forces, 900 points each vs three 600 point armies of Goths, Germans, and Franks. The Romans were able to break the two forces on each flank. The armored Superior sword men units were just buzz saws to the large warrior blocks.

March 3rd game of Song of Spear and Shield

Last Sundays game was a 1050 point game with Greek Hoplites vs Persians.
At start Greeks on the left Persians on the Right,
The Greeks advance,
as the Persians look on,

A close up of the Hoplite advance,
Both sides advance,
The Hoplites take the first losses,
A bloody melee between Peltasts,
The Hoplites and Persian spear clash,
The Hoplites grind down the Persian spear,
at the end the Persians break. Again a two hour game, and one thousand points handled easily.

Greeks v Persians with Song of Spear and Shield

These are some photos of the Feb. 24th game. We did a big 1800 point game.
The Persians had a lot of mounted but lightly armed. The Greeks sporting the Pike block.
Greeks taking the first move.
Persians take first blood,
The cavalry advance on the flanks, light horse with bow on one flank and horse with spear and javelin on the other. With a bloody melee stating between the cavalry and light infantry.
the pike slams into the Spara Bara men, and the light horse are commin round the mountain counting on rear shots on the Pike block.
The Persian Cavalry finally finishing off the Greek skirmishers charges into the side of the pike block.

A close up of the melee. This grind continued until the Persians broke due to the losses taken so far and the steady loss of the Spara Bara added up to a break. Game was set up n played in 2 hours. Yes the Persians arnt done but just had to try out a big game. And the 1800 points was not that much more to handle that a 900 point game.