Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Last Sundays game

We did a rematch with the same lists from last time. We were more attentive to the spear rule, with the +1 for the first rank at inital impact and the supporting ranks giving a addittional +1 in the inital and subsiquent rounds.
So we set up the table and deployed the troops.
At each turn over a picture was taken,

This was a game where the armor three hoplites really dominated again. I went after the lights to soften them up but was only able to take out one Hoplite with bow fire. Im thinking next time to surround them. Bow fire to front n back may help force them to turn around and diminish the combat capability by loosing the supporting rank.
A question did come up where when a combat is resolved and the opponent is eliminated. In a subsiquent adjacent combat does the victor of the previous combat get to count as assisting in the next combat?

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