Monday, December 17, 2012

A couple of more Song of Spear and Shield plays test games. This game we tried New Kingdon Egyptian's with chariots ve a Hittite leader with sea people allies. The Hittites had 810 points, Hittite officer Q3+, C3, Armor2 86pts 1 Heroic guard Q3+, C3, A1 8X44=352 8 Guard Q3+, C2, A1 8 Archers Q4+, C2, A1 8X36=288 The NKE had 800 points, Egyptian comm Q3+, C3, A3 96 pts Charioteer Q3+, C2, A1 96pts Elite Chariot Archer Q3+, C2, A2 80pts Charioteer Q3+, C2, A1 8 Strong Arms with 2Hand Weapons Q4+, C3, A1 264 pts 4 Archers Q4+, C2, A1 168 pts My Charioteer went out to get stuck in, but they didnt get far with a shot taking out the driver, the Hittites advance through the woods (we dictated that you could see through one short stick of woods, The mace men take the first hit of the sea people, got some good shots in using a heroic action to get a 2+ in combat but that was mitigated some with the 1+ to the opponent for them beeing shieldless The Hittite hero charges the chariot and survives the attack for contacting the chariot, He tries to take out the driver but fails, the chariot breaks away and the next two bounds end the game with the Egyptians breaking due to the melee vs the mace men and the sea people.

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